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QC PastPort wishes to thank the Channel Cat Water Taxi for its founding partnership in our interactive, physical and digital tour of the cultural history of the Quad Cities. Their support and encouragement were essential elements in bringing our vision to life. Thank You!

You will find QC PastPort signs at each of the 4 Channel Cat ports:

  • Riverbend Commons at 2951 River Drive, Moline, Illinois
  • John Deere Commons behind the Radisson Hotel at 1415 River Drive, Moline, Illinois
  • The Isle Casino Hotel at 17th Street & Isle Parkway, Bettendorf, Iowa
  • Lindsay Park in the Village of East Davenport at 2100 E. River Drive, Davenport, Iowa

Each QC PastPort sign offers information about the destination’s history, plus instructions on how you can join the tour through the Channel Cat App. There is currently no Wi-Fi access at the Channel Cat landings, so you may want to download the Channel Cat app before you leave home. It is available through the Google Play app store for Android devices or the App Store for iPhones and iPads. Once at the store, search for “Channel Cat” and then download the app. Then click QC PastPort on the menu bar during your QC Channel Cat Tour.

How to Purchase Channel Cat Tickets

To purchase tickets for the Channel Cat you will need to use Channel Cat Mobile Ticketing. First you will need to download the Channel Cat App. Then you will need to set up an account.

For Android devices: Launch the app and on the dashboard tap “My Account” and “Register Today!” Next click “Tickets” and then “Payment Methods” and click the “+” sign in the green circle next to “Payment Methods”. You will be asked to enter your credit card number or click the camera icon to take a picture of your card, which will automatically enter your card number. Next enter your expiration date, CVV number and postal zip code.

For Apple (IOS) devices: Log into your account and click “My Account”. Under “Tickets” click “Payment Methods” and tap the “Add A New Credit Card” button. The camera opens up and can automatically scan your credit card number. You also have the option to select “Enter Manually” and enter the card number yourself. Next enter your expiration date, CVV number and postal zip code. To finish entering your credit card tap “Done”.

For both systems you will see a confirmation page within the app upon processing of payment. You can purchase more that one ticket at a time. However, please ensure you receive a hand stamp when departing the boat in case the group gets separated before the next leg of the trip.

When you first board the Channel Cat you will be asked to show your Mobile Ticket. On the app, go to “My Tickets”, click “Show Ticket” and then tap the screen. The QR code will appear full screen for 10 seconds. If it shrinks back to the icon, you can tap the screen to make it full screen again.

Channel Cat Water Taxi Ticket Pricing

All Day Channel Cat Fares are $8.00 for adults and $4.00 for children 2-10.

Please note: Purchasing a ticket does not guarantee a seat on your preferred boat. All ticket holders are subject to a first come/first served basis on the Channel Cat. Priority seating is given to passengers with a hand stamp on their return trip if seats are available.

Once a ticket has been activated by a Channel Cat crew member it is only valid for that day. Tickets that have been purchased but not activated will automatically expire after a period of six months.




Children (ages 2-10)


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